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Jon Newman is a stand up comedian and writer based in New York City. Originally from the commonwealth of Virginia, Jon has the straight white male perspective everyone is dying to hear these days. Jon has performed all over New York City at clubs like The Stand, Dangerfields, Eastville Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, and Broadway Comedy Club. He also performs frequently in basements of bars where murders probably occurred hours before. Jon was a finalist at the 2016 Make Me Laugh Albany Festival and has performed at the 2016 Finger Lakes Comedy Festival and Gilda’s LaughFest in 2017. He also runs a podcast called Comedians in Coffee Getting Cars, where comedians sit in a hot tub full of coffee and plan a Gone in 60 Seconds style heist. It’s 100% as stupid as it sounds. He is also the host of Comedians on Stage Telling Jokes, a monthly show where guests of the podcast perform.

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