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Cate Weinberg is a stand up comedian and actress born and raised in Manhattan, only a block from where George Carlin grew up. With his humor having infiltrated her soul, Cate has been making people laugh since 5th grade recess when she created "Cate's Poetry Corner," a mockery of the early 90's poetry slams. Since then she has moved onto the clubs and bars throughout the city. She is the writer, creator, and producer of the web series “Dive Bar,” which she stars in with her friend and co-creator Hannah Caggiano. She hosts the monthly stand up shows “Straight Up and Dirty Comedy” at the Broadway Dive in Manhattan and “Comedy Night at Snowdonia,” sponsored by Keegan Ales in Astoria. She was listed on Someecards as one of “The Funniest Single Women on Twitter (who are totally not going to die alone).” We’ll see about the not dying alone part. She is the writer and performer of two solo shows: "Tackle the Gravel” and "Bouncing Back.” She is a graduate of Columbia University, where she received her BA in Art History. As a child, her parents would play Light FM for her to help her fall asleep. As a result, she is a melancholy soul with a shameless love of 80s and early 90s soft rock. She can be seen in karaoke bars throughout the city performing “Careless Whisper.”

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