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Bob Heman


Bob Heman's prose poems have appeared in numerous publications including Sentence, Paragraph, Quick Fiction, First Intensity, The Prose Poem: An International Journal, Caliban, Artful Dodge, Mad Hatter's Review, key satch(el), and Lost and Found Times. They have been translated into Arabic, Spanish and Hungarian. His most recent collections include Cone Investigates (2007, Poets Wear Prada), Recent Information (2007, Fell Swoop), and twenty-one pieces of information (2007). He has edited CLWN WR (formerly Clown War) since 1971 and during the late 1970s was an artist-in-residence at The Brooklyn Museum. Quale Press has published two of his collections How It All Began (2007) and Demographics, or, The Hats They Are Allowed to Wear (2009).