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Camille Guthrie


Born in Seattle and raised in Pittsburgh, poet Camille Guthrie earned a BA at Vassar College and an MFA at Brown University. She is the author of the poetry collections The Master Thief (2000), In Captivity (2006), and Articulated Lair: Poems for Louise Bourgeois (2013). Her experimental long poems and inter-textual poetic sequences often engage with ongoing literary conversations and the history of ekphrasis. In an interview with Chicago Review, Guthrie stated, “Writing about another text or object and in poetic form often serves as a self-inflicted restraint in my work; forms are surely a kind of capture, scrupulous and absorbing rituals. Then it's satisfying to wreck them somehow, to make them imperfect.” She is the Director of Undergraduate Writing Initiatives at Bennington College.

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