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Katie Boyle is an Irish comedian (hence the accent) living in Brooklyn. She performs daily all over the city and loves this country so much so don't send her home! She has been seen on stage in The Stand, New York Comedy Club, Broadway, Greenwich, Creek and the Cave and many other amazing clubs and refuses to say ‘third’ on stage. She runs a podcast The Shift with Des Bishop where they talk about sex and dating from an Irish perspective. She runs a monthly show; Transplants Comedy Show every fourth Saturday at 7.30pm at QED and a weekly show Bingo n' Laughs every Monday at 8.30pm at The Rochard NYC. She has toured multiple states and was featured in the Hartford and Albany Funnybones. Generally she talks extensively about her journey through american culture and her insane murderous family! She performed stand up on local tv, MNN network. In 2017, she was in the Cinderblock festival, Brooklyn Comedy Festival, and seen on Mtv Ireland (there is no Mtv Ireland...yet). In 2018 she was featured in The Women in Comedy Festival, Cape Fear, Asheville Comedy Show, March Madness at Caroline's on Broadway, The Free Stand up Festival NYC and hosted the Kansas City Irish Festival! She was recently ranked in the top 30 Nyc roasters which was weird because she's is very nice and that's is probably why she ranked 29!