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I cannot have a website dedicated to my comedy journey without having a page dedicated to two of my major influences. First and foremost the G.O.A.T! This was a man that I distinctly recall watching as a preteen. (yes my mother let me watch HBO then) I specifically remember the special “Back in Town” when I heard the most amazing bit that made me fall in love with comedy. In it he explained why we didn’t need four rectangular states in middle america and why we should put all of the criminals in them for television entertainment. It was a social commentary that at age 15 I couldn’t have agreed with more. It sparked a flame in me I wouldn’t know existed for another decade. I was shown the ability of a consummate performer. However, I never thought I’d be able to enter a profession for which I had such respect (and not enough balls). I almost met him. The month before he passed he was due to perform at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA. I purchased my tickets a month in advance. I’d only been doing comedy a year and I knew that night was going to be the night that I’d meet the man that planted the comedy seed in my teenage brain. The day of the show I got a call from the club that he had to cancel because he was sick. I cried like a baby. When my sister text me at 5:30 am PST a month later with a simple “Sorry to hear about Carlin” I cried like a bitch. Such is life. I’m proud to be in the profession that he perfected for 50 years. And its only my hope that I do it justice. Additionally, it’s one of my comedic goals to have a bit that’s worthy of a bow:

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