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Cyrene is a model in New York City. She has been modeling for six years with plans to continue her career in editorial, runway and promotional fields. She has also been featured in a number of fashion shows (runway/presentations) as well as national magazines to include Fashion Avenue Magazine, Cover model for Billie Blunt Magazine, Elucid Magazine and a variety of websites. Cyrene has served as Brand Ambassador for a various designers. During NYFW and NYFWM 2016 she was the featured press correspondent for SMTV. Cyrene has collaborated with photographers Shamayim and Antwon Maxwell and others, designers and models as creative director and production manager during photo shoots and fashion shows. She also serves as casting director, model coordinator and runway coach for fashion shows such as Fashion Week Brooklyn and other exclusive fashion events. In addition to modeling, Cyrene is also an accomplished author, poet and writer. Her library of published novels includes "Call Me Queen" and "A Goddess Dreams." Poetry books "Indigo" and "Blush." Since the release of the "Call Me Queen" it has been adapted as a one woman stage place, also written and produced by Cyrene as well as "I Don't Think I Do." Her original works has been featured in the stage play "50IN50."