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Ian Dreiblatt


Ian Dreiblatt is a poet, translator, and musician. His writing has appeared in Bomb!, The Agriculture Reader, Elderly, Entropy, Asymptote,Web Conjunctions, Sink Review, The Quarterly Conversation, Pallaksch. Pallaksch., and in chapbooks from Metambesen and DoubleCross Press. His translations have appeared in n+1, Jacobin, Music & Literature, and elsewhere, and in books including Avant-Garde Museology (e-flux classics), Comradely Greetings (the prison correspondence of Pussy Riot’s Nadyezhda Tolokonnikova with philosopher Slavoj Žižek) (Verso), and The Nose (Melville House). Major obsessions include ancient languages, the sound of reeds, the problems of monotheism, Soviet dissident culture, and the fine art of soup making. He lives with Anna in Brooklyn. That shirt looks great on you.