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Hello. My name is Lorelei. I'm an artist, comedian, and writer. I originally hail from the swampland of Miami, FL where I developed into a girl and/or woman with a fondness of wearing sweaters, making drawings and moving my head strange. (please see video's*). I am a writer for VICE'S The Creators Project, where I write about art and comedy, I am a self-published author, an artist, and yesterday I went to the DMV and renamed myself "Micheal Keaton". If you would like to stare into my eyes in search of some premonitions and/or "truth", I host a Monthly show at Manhattan Inn called "Not Dead Yet" featuring some of the best local comedians, musicians and performers around New York. When I am there I scream and wriggle. Other things about me: My mother thinks I am possessed and I have accepted this as my only beautiful truth.

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